Monday, February 11, 2008

OK, So I am mean...

..but what the hell.

Yesterday I went to Walmart with WP's bro. I finished shopping before him so I stood by the back of the checkouts to wait for him. I had lots of time to take in the staff (because he is so slow) I saw this woman...

She went to work dressed like this? The picture does not do real justice but in short her hair was all greasy and looked like it had not seen a brush in a while, she is wearing what I suspect to be her (much larger) husbands jacket for cutting the firewood in, and please if you are going to be short and wear cropped pants:
Get a shorter leg length ( I admit I have this problem and it's easier said then done) Or at least wear some no-show socks.

Jeeze, you would think even Walmart had some dress standards, why cant they shell out and supply everyone with a uniform of pants, a polo and a sweatshirt for the cooler days, they sell clothes for god's sake.

Anyway, lets move on:

I got a voice mail from work ( have to get used to saying that) I passed my drug test (oral- Sorry Corky) and seems I am not on Americas most wanted list so they look forward to seeing me next Monday at 8am.

Now onto the driving:

I attempted to parallel park this morning, first I moved WP's truck forward on the driveway and then I turned his Bro car around ( on the same same driveway- no mean feat- well for me anyway).
Then I had a go, not so good. I did not hit anything but was aware all the time of how close the garage/trash can and porch posts seemed. this put me off a little ( my story and I am sticking to it)

I persuaded WP to come out with me, because I need to know when to turn this way and when to turn that way- When I say need to know when , I mean I need a reference point on the inside of the car so when it lines up with X I know to go the other way.

Anyway he was a lot of help- Not. We changed places and he did it in like 1.5 seconds, before I had time to take anything in.


So when he went to work I moved the trash can to "pretend" it was the end of a car and had another go, I think I did ok....


and after.

Not bad, I did it again and then decided it was too cold to carry on.
I want to take the test but I also don't want to because I am scared (lol), I know if I fail it the first time I won't want to go and do it again in case I get the same examiner.
But I want to get it over with, because lets face it once I pass I am hopefully NEVER going to have to parallel park anywhere. I will look at all the other options: Walk the extra distance/ not go/ make sure I am not the one driving.

What I need is someone who is kind and patient to tell me that I did it right (or show me when and where).

Do people like this exist?

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