Sunday, April 06, 2008

Its been fun, but I simply don't have the time to devote to you all anymore, maybe one day I will be back...

Missing you all already, keep in touch.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

New addition.....

First I want to let you guys know I have not fallen off the face of the earth, despite my good intentions to be a better blogger again I have fallen by the way side...

Anyway moving on, work is great, no major automobile mishaps, haven't been affected by the flooding, thankfully.

We have a new member in the house hold , a kitten. We picked her up last Tuesday evening got home and that was the last we saw of her until yesterday morning..
The only thing that assure me she had not escaped was the fact that every morning I checked her food bowl and food was missing....Of course that could have been mice, but the I doubt mice would use the kitty litter box in the basement.

Thursday I searched the house high and low, I looked in the washing machine, the tumble dryer and even the dishwasher. No cat. Then on Saturday morning I went into the basement to do some laundry and saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, low and behold there under the stair she was.

So up the stairs I came cat in had, she sat with me on the sofa, purring away, she had a bit of cream from my starbucks frappuccino and then she was gone for the rest of the day.
This time her hiding place was into the demoed bathroom wall, through the wall under the bathtub in our bedroom- still purring away.
I coaxed her out and after around 30 minutes was able to grab her while WP secured the hole to thwart further attempts.

This time she stayed around and did all the usual kitten things, ate my hair attacked the chain around my neck, pounced on her twitching tail ( which at the time was on my leg).
Then she came to bed with us, but for her it was not bedtime of course so she made do with eating my hair again and trying to get as close to lying across my neck as possible.
Some time in the night she must have got up to use the bathroom or eat or something because she then woke us up meowing to get back on the bed.

The the same thing again a few hours later, anyway I think the only time she has ventured in to the basement today has been to use the litter box then she has spent the rest of her time clawing, pouncing and purring.

WP and I have been thinking up names but both seem to have settled on "Cat"- so Cat it is maybe I will spell it with a "K" so it looks more like a name.

Little brat.

Yes those claws are sharp, I have the scratches to prove it...

And thats about it, I cannot think of anything else of interest, work, dinner, sleep, dismay at the snow flakes today but they seem to have all melted away.

Happy Easter everyone and I will try to catch up with you all in the week.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I would love my job.....

a lot more if I did not have to drive to get there.

I have decided I really dislike driving, I am getting better at merging and swapping lanes but now fear on and off ramps that make you dizzy and lean outwards in your seat. Unfortunetly I have to use one to get off the highway at work and then again to get off the highway to get on another highway after work...
So last week with the 12 inches of snow the company decided we could all go home at 1.30, great! BUT there was no way in hell I was going to even attempt to drive home so I decided to leave the car at work and wait for WP to pick me up when he finished work (which should have been 7pm- but he took a couple of hours and came at 5)- Yes thats right I would rather stay and WORK. It was great actually I got loads done and it was so quiet, no telephones ringing, no interruptions.

So by the next evening the snow had melted quite a bit, the highways were clear so I drove home with no mishaps.

THEN the next morning roads looked clear, everyone was driving normally...I get off the highway round the bend on the hill and then start to slow down (there is a quite tight turn which I have to take to turn of Manchester Rd). I touched my breaks and skidded, quite badly, I nearly hit the concrete wall to my right, so out of panic I turned left (yes foot still on the break), anyway to cut a long story short I ended up facing the wrong way round on the one way street. Lucky for me traffic was light and not too fast- It was all over in a matter of seconds..

I turned the car around and saw two more cars pulled over to the side of the road S$%T, I must have hit them or caused them to hit each other! So I pulled over behind then to do I don't know what- exchange insurance , wait for the police ???
The woman was on the phone to the police (by this time my knees were knocking) and the guy was inspecting the (very smashed ) front of his car...
I went up to him and he turned and asked me if he had hit me to, I said no had I caused the accident and he said no he had skidded on a patch of ice, which I assume was the same ice I had hit too.

Phew! not my fault after all, that would not have looked very good to the police, the bank, the insurance company or worst still my husband had the car just over a week and already causing accidents.

Anyhow the guy thanked me for stopping and I went on my way, I just hope, pray, wish, whatever that we have seen the last of the snow and ice now, I don't think my last nerve could take anymore....

I am seriously thinking of looking around for one of those advanced driving courses where they teach you how to skid and all that jazz, but then its all very well doing it when you know you are going to do it, its another matter when you just sort of go onto autopilot....

Told you I was a terrible driver...oh the shame.

Anyhow I am going to do my best to visit you guys this week, I know I am getting very lax and I am sorry, I just don't know where the days go, look at this 9.30 already I am late going to bed LOL.

Have a happy Wednesday =)

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