Saturday, February 23, 2008

I am shattered...

Work: well I will try to fill in as best as I can without rambling on too much...

Everyone seems really nice, of course I have met that many people I think it will take a while to remember all the names!

I think it's going to be a lot of hard work, for instance I have been there one week and already worked two and a half hours overtime ( and I don't know what I am doing yet!)
I think my longest lunch hour has been something like 20 minutes.

Still its really interesting, basically we take orders from salesmen and companies for TV ad space.
I print off the faxed and emailed orders as they come in, sort them all out into deadline and non deadline, then log them all and pass them onto the billing dept as soon as we can so they can work them and then pass them on to the people who assign air times.

Added to that I have to log and send off to the bank all the checks that come in, keep on top of the faxes and mail for the rest of the department,collect any customer videotapes, order all the office supplies and lots more!

Of course I am still only learning, the woman who does the job now (and types a million times faster then me) is really nice and is very patient with dumb ole me.....I hope I can get the hang of it because on my first day the other assistant (for a different region) was "let go" because she could not do the job *YIKES*.

So we both have been doing her work as well,hence the quick lunch hours and overtime.

In short I am shattered, its going to take a few weeks to get back into a work routine, as well as still having to make dinner, do the laundry, the housework and all the usual stuff.

*My desk is still tidy btw...well apart from the huge pile of orders to face on Monday.....

We were out of the office on Thursday (which added to the pressure on Friday)- We all (and the area salespeople- more people to meet and try to remember their names....) had to meet up at a local hotel, of course that was the day with all the bad weather, I made it there by the skin of my teeth but some people coming from the south were stuck in traffic 5 hours!

It was a day spent listening to various company presidents, professional speakers, video watching and then team building exercises which included teams having to create a "jingle" for the company and then getting on stage to sing it!!!! We were the last (and most reluctant) group to get up on stage, we tried to get out of it but were basically FORCED by the women running the "fun" part.

Not only were we the last group but by far the WORST group to, we also had the added humiliation of being filmed as well- I blush now at the very thought of it.

Yes the less said about that day the better....

Moving quickly on:

So today was spent driving around area car lots looking for some wheels, there is not a great deal out there in my price range, added to the fact that I don't even have any proof of an income yet so WP is probably going to have to be on the loan with me. we have one possible but of course they don't finance themselves and the bank was shut by this time.

Tried to fill out the online loan application but the stupid thing kept freezing and playing up so things are going to have to wait until next week now, then probably til next Saturday before I can physically do anything- Gosh I don't know how people have time to work and fit in everything else thats needs Mon-Fri attention.

I have decided against posting the wedding photos, they are not that great, but to paint some sort of picture, the groom wore a pimp suit, hat and cane and had white spats on his black shoes....

Tomorrow I get to grocery shop- alone weeeee.

and then its early to bed to try and catch up on some sleep!

Happy Sunday folks.

P.S I hope this drivel makes some sort of sense, I am not at my sharpest tonight - thank goodness for spell check!

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