Thursday, February 14, 2008

Scary stuff...

I just got back from taking my driving test, I did not think I was ready (having not practiced parallel parking since the other day behind the trash can).
The fact is I start work on Monday and I figure once I am working Mon- Fir 8-5 when would I get time to get it done. The test stations are Mon- Fri and they close at 4.30.

WP's bro did not seem too pleased when I asked him this morning I could tell he wanted to say no, he though I should wait til I have more experience and then do it...(Can you tell he has a lot of faith in my driving)

Which is great but When I am working all week and he works til 11pm when am I going to get the extra experience?

So we got to the station, thankfully (or not) there was one person before me.

The guy before me got called by out and he held the door open for the woman examiner to go out before him, she declined and told him to go out first- Yikes a feminist,Not that I am against opening a door myself at all.I would never ever dream of waiting for a guy to open the door, if I reach the door first I will open it.
But I thought she could have just accepted his kindness and gone through the door without a word!
This did not help my nerves I can tell you, luckily for me there another lady them came out to take me, I did not dare hold the door open for her but just went through first...

We did all the signal, brake light checking and then she had me show her the wipers, high beam, defrost etc.

Then she told me to turn right as we left the parking lot, so what did I do signal left and had it in my mind to turn LEFT!

This is going to be bad...

But she kindly said we need to turn right, so I apologised and corrected myself.
Next sticky moment turning left at a traffic light (Left turn yield on green) I was waiting for the actual left arrow to turn green and the car behind sounded it's horn at me, upon which the light turned to red anyway.
I could feel the glare from the 4x4 behind me, as the light turned to green I asked the examiner if she wanted me to just take her back to the test station now (thinking I had blown it). She said no, I think it went ok from there on, I parked on the hill, reversed in a straight line, and then pulled over to the side of the road as though an emergency vesicle was coming.

We headed back, my knees began to shake at the sight of the dreaded parallel parking cones...

But then I thought what the heck I have failed anyway so there is nothing left to loose....

I remembered to indicate, I began to turn into the space, I just winged it, I waited until the right hand cone was in the middle of my rear window and just turned the wheel the other way, put the car into drive and pulled forward to center myself.

I bloody well did it!!!!!! I think I was a little bit lopsided at the front but it was a far cry from the horror stories I had had in my head of me knocking the cones over, people stopping to look and laugh etc.

She then asked me to pull over into the parking lot and park, I turned off the engine and all she said was "well you passed".
I have to say It took a few seconds and then I found myself gushing with thanks like an idiot, my eyes welled up and she said that she did not want to make me cry LOL.

I wanted to hug her, we got out and went back inside and guess what, I held the door open for her, and she went through.

Happy Valentines day folks, oh and to my dear WP Happy Anniversary ;)


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