Friday, February 15, 2008

The Last Friday...

Just came to me this is the last Friday I am going to be sitting here blogging (well for a while anyway), not only that but the last Friday I will spend with WP (he has Friday and Saturday off).

I am sure he won't miss me in the least ( he is taking a nap as I type this) in fact he will be glad to get rid of me.

Yesterday I drove on the HIGHWAY Wp's bro decided he wanted to go to the Dr's (without an appointment) but whatever it was not my gas being used.

I drove him there and back- for you St Louisans I drove from St Charles all the way to Big Bend, wooo.

It was not too bad, I only had to make sure I swapped over 2 lanes as I got onto the highway and coming back I never had to swap at all, nice and easy just stayed in the inside (or is it outside?) lane the whole way back and then crossed over to my exit.

Then I drove to the post office from the house into St Charles SOLO!
Yay, I was in the wrong lane coming back but I pushed myself over and got there and back in one piece, with nobody having to sound their horn or give me the finger....

It still feels "naughty" to be driving alone, guess it's something I will have to get used to.

Last night we went to thee the Jumper, it was ok- the effects were really good but the storyline could have been better.Hayden Christensen the main character was bugging me where I had seen him before, well I just looked him up and of course he played Anakin Skywalker. Duh!
Other then having a piece of popcorn thrown at me, the couple behind us talking for about the first hour and then the guy half of the couple falling asleep and snoring through the last 15 minutes of the film it was pretty uneventful...
oh I nipped out halfway through to get WP another soda and the three (young) men at the counter were gushing over my accent and asking me about football (soccer)- Phfft do I look like a football fan? I said no I did not like football and one of them said did I like to watch Darts???errr no, finally to shut them up I said if I had to watch sport I preferred baseball.

Thats about it! we have a wedding reception this evening, should be interesting, however I am not sure how "secure" this blog is so I may never mention the goings on ala wedding reception again.

Oh and the best laugh, we drove all the way to the Dr's only to find they had closed at noon. Haaa Haaaa, guess thats why it's a good idea to call first.

Happy Friday Folks!

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