Sunday, March 02, 2008

Driven to distraction...

Well I am still loving the job- its getting a little easier, I am starting to remember the sales mens names and what area they cover, which saves a lot of time I would have to spend looking them up on my list.

WP took Monday off to sort out getting my car,he picked me up from work in it. I did not like it at first, not the style or colour but the way it felt to drive and sounded, its got a really loud sporty exhaust.

So Monday night we went to bed and I had a mini meltdown (with tears) about the thought of driving to work the next morning, mainly the prospect of crossing two lanes when I get onto the dreaded I-270. I even suggested we not only move house but I could maybe rent an apartment near to work- By this time I was probably a little delusional...

WP, the sweet man he is he offered to drive me to work the next day.I bet he thought I was pathetic though too, but he did not say it, which was nice, because I thought I was pathetic too....

Monday night I hardly slept, I had stomach ache, I was up long before the alarm and left the house by 6.30.
I started the engine, fiddled about with the seat and mirrors,I still was not happy with them but I wanted to try and beat the rush hour, which I think I ended up at the start of it.
I drove down the road with my heart banging against my ribcage , my knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel so hard and my lower back was aching by the time I got to work from being scared to relax in the seat.

I made it! I made it there by 6.50 ish ( I start work at 8am) LOL. Good job we have electronic keys to get into our office.
I tried to get down to work but the little nagging thought of having to drive home again was at the back of my mind the whole day.
4.50 came and so did the stomach cramps... I emailed WP at work and said I did not want to go home, I even thought about driving to his place of work and waiting for him there ( I know the non highway way).

But by 5.15 I plucked up the courage to leave, and I was on my way again, I was on 270 doing ok and my phone rang, it was WP wondering if I had left yet- I told him I had to get off the phone quick because I had to have both hands on the wheel, then the traffic slowed right down which was great- I must be the only person who does not mind being stuck in highway traffic!

I got home around 5.50 ish.

Next morning I left a little later, my hands were not gripping the wheel so hard and I sat back in the seat.
Thursday was even better, I have my mirrors set up to just where I want them so I know when I look in my left mirror I am seeing the lane to the side of me.

Friday he drove me so he could take the car to get new brakes.

Saturday I went out and about to do a few errands, and it was great, had the windows down, the radio on....

I think its going to be all ok!

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